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Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

Why Inbound Marketing Can Be The Better Choice For Your Campaign| Infographic

Marketing has taken a few twists and turns since Mad Men ran the show. When marketing campaigns are discussed these days the question is Inbound Marketing or Outbound Marketing? While traditional outbound marketing is not off the table at all, many marketers invest more and more resources into the alternative...

Google+ For B2B Marketing

Google+ For B2B Marketing | Why And How To Use The Platform | IG

For marketers, Google+ is one of the most important social media platforms out there. As a matter of fact, Google+ is a must for every marketer, B2B or B2C. The platform is just what it is, Google. Posting and engagement on the platform is sending social signals to the search...

Content Marketing For Small Business

Content Marketing For Small Businesses | Infographic

Content Marketing for Small Businesses – It is now for years that I am telling my clients and potential clients social media, including blogging, is giving you a chance to compete with the big brands. Content marketing has given everyone that has something to say, whether they sell products or...

Generation Z, Marketing

Generation Z | The Marketing World Will Change, Again | IG

While many marketers are still busy to find out how to reach millenials (20-37 year old consumers), the next consumer group is standing ready to change marketing again: Generation Z! These 19 and under upcoming consumers and their habits will provide the next headache in marketing and advertising. This generation...

Content Marketing, Facts and Numbers

Content Marketing | Facts And Numbers July 2014 | Infographic

Content marketing is on the rise, still. The majority of marketers have adopted the strategy for their marketing purposes. While not all report satisfying results, the importance is clear to everyone and budgets are on the rise. Have a look at the infographic from One Spot and see some facts...

Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing | Why A Budget Is Important | IG

Small Business Marketing is important! Why? The Internet and social media has given small businesses the opportunity to compete better with big brands. With all that opportunity, it is difficult to understand why many small businesses neglect their marketing and don’t increase their efforts in creating marketing budgets. Sure, small...

Content Marketing

Content Marketing | How To Create A Content Factory | IG

In a world where marketing efforts shift to digital, content marketing has become a major marketing activity. Doing business, selling products and services, has not become easier in the past and with the internet offering small businesses to compete with big brands, things will definitely not become easier. To market...

Digital Marketing Spending 2014

Digital Marketing Spending In 2014 | The Rise Continues | IG

Digital marketing spending is on the rise. With technology and internet improving, social media sites gaining in popularity and shopping online becoming a real experience, more and more consumers are turning to the digital marketplace for their shopping needs. Subsequently, honoring the fact, marketers are increasing their spending on digital...

Content Marketing Facts

Content Marketing | The Facts That Rule 2014 | IG

Content marketing is one of the most important strategies for marketers. Budgets have increased heavily over the past years and over the same time many techniques and practices have evolved. The infographic from webdamsolutions below shows some interesting facts about content marketing. These facts influence the way content marketing is...

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