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 Welcome To The Main Street Analyst – The Value Of Reading This Blog

Welcome to The Main Street Analyst! I appreciate your visit. You came to this blog because you found a blog post that interested you, you wanted to know more about the writer or you are just looking for information regarding social media marketing and all the related topics. It is my intention to satisfy your need and I hope you can find what you are looking for. If not, please contact me with your question either in the comment section below, or via a message on the contact page. 
The value of this blog lies clearly in the amount of information provided. Besides others, this blog contains about 2.000 infographics, and growing, about different subjects. The dominating topic is social media, marketing and business. I am confident that you will be able to find information you are looking for around these subjects. I regularly post new infographics and other information so that the most current information is ready for you.

Some Of The Major Topics In This Blog

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With the emergence and fast growth of social media the marketing landscape has changed dramatically. Over the years, most big businesses and many small businesses have established their social media presences on the various networks and are trying to set foot in social media marketing. From having a presence to improve brand awareness and lately trying to use social media to improve sales, brands and businesses are busy to figure out what works for them. The Main Street Analyst has followed the events on social media and has established a huge knowledge base around the subject. If you are looking for information around social media marketing, start looking here.
Blogging has been around since the mid to late 90’s. At first, blogs were used by few people to express their opinion about different subjects. As the Internet grew, blogs became more popular, but were still only used by a relatively small group of people. Only the rapid growth of social media and its capabilities made blogging and blogs a popular and useful tool for a broader user base. From more or less professional use at the beginning, to use to write about hobbies and other spare time events and activities, the blog has now also become a business tool. It is estimated that today there are hundreds of millions of blogs out there. Successes of individuals in the blogging world have encouraged businesses of all sizes to start blogging. And many can show incredible successes with their blog. The Main Street Analyst has followed this development as well over the past years and has “amassed” hundreds of infographics with useful tips and hints around the subject. Check here for help, tips, hints and more around blogging. For questions feel free to contact me via the comment section of the contact page.
Content marketing, like blogging (which is part of content marketing), became popular with the fast growth of social media. The diverse social media platforms with their huge user bases gave everyone the opportunity to publish and be heard. With providing good and interesting content for readers an audience can be build and with that content marketing can help you in creating organic traffic on a website or blog. The problem with content marketing is, it is no quick fix. In order to be successful with it, it takes time and continued efforts and work. An audience is build and kept by providing good and relevant information on an ongoing basis. Over the past few years The Main Street Analyst has watched, and used, the development of the technique as well and established a useful information and knowledge base. Click here to learn about content marketing or improve your strategy. I am always open to answer question, either via the comment section or via the contact page.

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My New York City Photos

As many of my regular followers know, I am also an avid photographer and my favorite model is New York City! My photography has been quite an experience over the last two years. You can read about that much more here. As a quick update to the latest events, according to experts in the genre, I am now officially an artist. There is something cooking and I will post a complete update soon. In the meantime, have a look at my gallery here on the site. You can also visit for more of my photos and my store here. 
New York City Photos by Vitus Feldmann

New York City Photos by Vitus Feldmann

There Is Much More To Come – Stay Tuned

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